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Descargar Zumba Fitness (2010/ENG/Wii/USA)

Zumba Fitness (2010/ENG/Wii/USA)
Zumba Fitness (2010/ENG/Wii/USA)#13523671815

Zumba Fitnessis an exercise game and program for Wii that taps into the Zumba dance-exercise craze that has swept the nation. Surprisingly challenging, and addictively fun, the 30 heart-pounding Zumba routines that make up Zumba Fitness utilize the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus controller which work along with the exclusive Wii Remote belt, included with the game, to create a fun but result-producing workout. Additional features include: 4-player support, including a two-on-two co-op option; multiple skill levels along with a training level; multiple in-game instructors and venues.

Game Features:
* Bring the Zumba Fitness experience home with you in the first interactive game based on the successful brand.
* Learn and perfect nine different dance styles: Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Hip-Hop, Mambo, Rumba, Flamenco and Calypso.
* Includes more than 30 Zumba routines - some exclusive to the game.
* Follow your on-screen Zumba instructor’s routine in a high voltage party atmosphere. As you fine tune the steps, the stage and party transforms in dynamic new ways.
* Strap the Zumba belt to your waist to turn the Wii Remote into a hip motion sensor.
* Supports up to 4 players as you team up and try to earn the highest workout score as a group or play against each other in Zumba Attack! Mode for the ultimate fitness dance off.
* Dance in a range of venues: learn the basics in the Zumba gym and then take the party to a fantasy night club, an industrial factory, a skyscraper rooftop and a futuristic Zumbathon stadium.
* Includes "Learn the Steps" training, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced routines for all skill levels.
* Dance steps learned can be taken with you if you attend a real Zumba class or on the dance floor at your next party.

Zumba Fitness (2010/ENG/Wii/USA)
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Year: 26/11/2010
Genre: Lifestyle
Developer: Pipeworks Software
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Platform: Wii
Region: NTSC
Language: Eng
Size: 4.39 Gb


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