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Descargar Halo Reach (2010/ENG/DE/XBOX360/PAL)

Halo Reach (2010/ENG/DE/XBOX360/PAL)

Halo Reach- the last prequel famous of games on Halo developer Bungie, designed to put an end to the ten-year saga of the war people and covenants. In Halo Reach There are lots of innovations such as new units, the ability to select the appearance of your character, as well as the fascinating story, brought in the best tradition of Halo. According to the developers they seek to bring Halo: Reach for the good old Combat Evolved. A new engine will provide stunning impression, as for your adventures on the planet Reach. Your associates will get smarter: now they will not topple the crowd at one of the enemy or to perform a set of scripts, but will build an action plan based on priority tasks. World of Halo Reach deep in gray tones, which creates an atmosphere of tension and danger.

• A stunning story in the tradition of Halo!
• New units!
• New costumes and weapons!
• Incredible detail of the terrain and characters Halo Reach!
• The system of priorities for your soldiers, so that they will not simply be cannon fodder!
• A first-class action movie plot!

Released: 2010
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer: Bungie Software
Publisher: Microsoft
Platform: XBOX360
Region: PAL

Halo Reach (2010/ENG/DE/XBOX360/PAL)
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Publication Type: License
Language: English, German
Size: 7.62 Gb



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10/09/10 05:58 pm
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  • rahf54 30/09/10 01:57 pm
    ezta chido el juego de shaiya pero no ze puede dezcargar ezta muy complicado ademaz no apareze nada para dezkargarlo en pc y en ezpañol !!!
  • genaricho 19/04/11 09:50 am
    no descarga !!!!! O_O)

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